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We value developing, delivering and evaluating programs effectively, and working with other agencies to achieve results for the Australian Government and community.

Part Two discusses the main activities of the Department’s 15 outcomes, reporting on the Department’s performance against the key strategic directions and targets detailed in the 2007–08 Health and Ageing Portfolio Budget Statements and the 2007–08 Health and Ageing Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements. This section also includes financial reporting on Budget estimates and actual expenses for 2007–08, and services provided to the Ministerial team.

Our Performance

  • plan our business around our Outcomes. We do this by setting out our key strategic directions for each financial year in the Portfolio Budget Statements, which guide our business and operational plans;
  • use the Capability Map and Performance Development Scheme to align individual, team and departmental goals and ensure they are met;
  • provide people with the systems, tools and information needed to achieve these goals;
  • promote the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct;
  • follow Australian Government financial management policies, and the Department’s Chief Executive Instructions and Procedural Rules;
  • anticipate opportunities and what might go wrong, and manage risk;
  • evaluate our progress to measure our success; and
  • seek to continuously improve program performance and the way we use our resources.
Department of Health and Ageing Corporate Plan 2006-09

Produced by the Portfolio Strategies Division, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.
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