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The User Guide has been developed to inform you about the features and design elements of the electronic version of the 2007-08 Annual Report.


This site has been designed with a strong emphasis on navigation to help you locate your position in the site. Each page contains six navigation areas.

1. The first level navigation sits in a grey horizontal bar just below the Annual Report logo and contains links to the Home page, Contents page, User guide, Downloads to PDFs and RTFs, Index, Search engine (contained to this site only) and large or small font selection.

2. The second level navigation is located just below the first navigation bar and contains links to the five parts of the Annual Report:
    Part 1: Overview;
    Part 2: Performance Reporting
    Part 3: Management Arrangements
    Part 4: Accountability Reporting
    Part 5: Financial Statements
    Part 6: Contact Details
      Each of the above links will take you to a sub-contents page of the selected part. The second level navigation has been designed with roll over effects that help you identify your position (check roll-over effects).

      3. The third level navigation contains the sub headings of the five parts to the Annual Report (as set out above). The second and third level navigation acts as a breadcrumb and is designed to help you locate your position and to backtrack to the home page.

      4. The fourth level navigation is a tab menu that lists the major headings within the section.

      5. The sixth level navigation sits on the bottom of the page and contains links to the Departments Media Release Subscription page, Feedback page, Accessibility page.

      Home will take you to the Annual Report 2007-08 home page.


      The Homepage contains PDF versions of the Annual Report. PDFs are available as seperate parts or as a whole document. Please use the PDF version for printing this report.

      Large PDF files

      If your browser opens Adobe Acrobat files within the browser window, it is strongly recommended that the following procedure be used to access all these files: RIGHT mouse button on the link and Choose "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) OR "Save Link As..." (Netscape), select an appropriate folder on a local drive to save the downloaded file. Attempting to open large Adobe Acrobat files within the browser window may lead to system problems.

      Acrobat Reader

      These documents are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You will need to install the Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer to view these files. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free of charge from Adobe's website.
      These buttons enable you to return to the top of the page you are currently in.
      Next and back (5th level of navigation)
      The next and previous are located at the bottom and top of each page. You can either move forward or back one page from the page you are currently in.


      The search engine is located in the top navigation menu.


      The Department of Health and Ageing aims to provide a report accessible to the largest possible audience and a site with strong design elements. We have used the following standards to design the 2007-08 Annual Report.
      • alternative text links for image based links;
      • summary attributes for layout tables;
      • descriptive text equivalents for figures, charts and graphs;
      • adjustable text sizes;
      • consistent navigation throughout the site;
      • extensive style sheet presentation control;
      • tab option that allows you to tab through every link on the page; and
      • multiple browser testing.


      We encourage all users of the report to provide feedback regarding any access problems. Providing as much information as possible about your computer, operating system and browser makes it easier to identify your access problem. For users with vision impairments, we encourage you to provide us with feedback regarding the accessibility of the Annual Report 2007-08; particularly regarding the 'layout table' structure of the site. If you would like to know more or give us your comments contact: annrep@health.gov.au;


      Standards followed in the development of this site are based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 1.0 (WCAG 1.0), a set of guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) to enable equal access to all users of the Internet.
      Under these guidelines, we have attempted to achieve a AAA rating for accessibility in all possible areas. Check the WAI-QuickTips for a brief overview of building web sites enabled for access impaired users or see Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 for a detailed insight.

      Known issues

      Netscape version 4 and non Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) browsers.
      The Netscape version 4 browsers have a method for displaying CSS which is not as standardised as modern browsers. Other older browsers don't display CSS at all. Standard CSS is the major element in the 'interface design' of this web site and due to the limitations, the interface of these portals are not as 'stylised' in these browsers as they are in newer browsers.
      All the information is still available and the text can still be scaled using the browser preferences or options.

      Large pages

      There are several large pages that may take a bit longer to download due to extensive table data and figure graphics. There are also several large landscape financial statements (1,100 pixels wide). These pages will appear with a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Please send us feedback if you think the download times are excessive.

      Printing pages

      We have produced a style sheet for CSS enabled browsers to print results. Alternatively we suggest downloading the PDF versions for printing.

      Financial statements

      The audited Financial Statements for 2007-08 are only available as image files and as PDF files. If you would like further information or access to the audited Financial Statements in another format please contact us.

      Contact us

      Fax: +61 2 6289 7177.
      Phone: +61 2 6289 7181.
      E-mail: annrep@health.gov.au;
      or writing to us at:
      The Editor
      2007-08 Annual Report (MDP 51)
      Department of Health and Ageing
      GPO Box 9848
      CANBERRA ACT 2601
      Other formats
      This document is available in other formats on request. If you require a copy of this report in other formats, please contact the Editor.

      Produced by the Portfolio Strategies Division, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.
      URL: http://www.health.gov.au/internet/annrpt/publishing.nsf/Content/user-guide-4
      If you would like to know more or give us your comments contact: annrep@health.gov.au