Australian Government 2010-11 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements

The purpose of the 2010-11 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements (PAES), (like that of the Portfolio Budget Statements) is to inform Senators and Members of Parliament of the proposed allocation of resources to Government outcomes by agencies within the portfolio. They also facilitate understanding of the proposed appropriations in Appropriation Bills (Nos 3 and 4) 2010-11.

Page last updated: 10 February 2011

Senator the Hon. John Hogg
President of the Senate
Australian Senate
Parliament House

Mr Harry Jenkins MP
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Parliament House

Dear Mr President
Dear Mr Speaker

I hereby submit Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements in support of the 2010-11 Additional Estimates for the Health and Ageing Portfolio. These statements have been developed, and are submitted to the Parliament, as a statement on the funding requirements being sought for the Portfolio.

I present these statements by virtue of my ministerial responsibility for accountability to the Parliament and, through it, the public.

Yours sincerely

Nicola Roxon

The 2010-11 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements can be viewed below as a complete document or in its sections. If you are having difficulty downloading the pdf documents, please send an email to Janet Wayn and we will arrange for an alternative format or copy to be sent to you.

Complete 2010-11 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements (PDF 741 KB)

Introduction and Table of Contents (PDF 117 KB)

User Guide (PDF 28 KB)

Portfolio Overview (PDF 281 KB)

Department of Health and Ageing
Section 1: Agency Overview and Resources (PDF 108 KB)

Section 2: Revision to outcomes and planned performance

Outcomes and performance information

Outcome 1 Population Health (PDF 67 KB)
Outcome 2 Access to Pharmaceutical Services (PDF 131 KB)
Outcome 3 Access to Medical Services (PDF 60 KB)
Outcome 4 Aged Care and Population Ageing (PDF 70 KB)
Outcome 5 Primary Care (PDF 121 KB)
Outcome 6 Rural Health (PDF 95 KB)
Outcome 7 Hearing Services (PDF 44 KB)
Outcome 8 Indigenous Health (PDF 46 KB)
Outcome 9 Private Health (PDF 36 KB)
Outcome 10 Health System Capacity and Quality (PDF 121 KB)
Outcome 11 Mental Health (PDF 56 KB)
Outcome 12 Health Workforce Capacity (PDF 52 KB)
Outcome 13 Acute Care (PDF 53 KB)
Outcome 14 Biosecurity and Emergency Response (PDF 50 KB)
Outcome 15 Development of a Stronger and Internationally Competitive Australian Sports Sector and Encouragement of Greater Participation in Sport by all Australians (PDF 47 KB)

Section 3: Explanatory Tables and Budgeted Financial Statements (PDF 96 KB)

Australian Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Authority (PDF 83 KB)

Glossary (PDF 51 KB)