Community Visitors Scheme – Additional funding

Additional funding will be allocated to the Community Visitors Scheme to increase the number of people available to regularly visit older people in residential aged care who are socially isolated. From July 2006, the number of volunteer visitors will increase from 912 to 7,500.

Page last updated: 09 May 2006

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Why is this important?

  • Some older people in aged care homes have no family or friends to visit them and help them to remain connected to their community. This gap can be filled by volunteer visitors under the Community Visitors Scheme but the scheme has not been available in some areas.
  • From July 2006, the number of volunteer visitors to Government funded aged care homes supported by the Community Visitors Scheme will increase by 912 to 7,500, with the additional visitors being allocated to areas where there have been few or no visitors in the past.

Who will benefit?

  • More residents of Government subsidised aged care homes who are socially isolated and vulnerable, and whose quality of life would be improved by friendship and companionship, will benefit from the increase in the number of volunteer visitors.

What funding is the Government committing to the initiative?

  • The Government will provide an additional $4.7 million over three years to extend the reach of the Community Visitors Scheme and to increase the rate of funding provided to coordinating organisations to support each volunteer visitor.
  • Three years will bring this additional funding into line with the review cycle for existing programme funding.

What have we done in the past?

  • The Community Visitors Scheme was established in 1992-93 and coordinating organisations are funded to recruit, train and match volunteer visitors to residents, resulting in more than 150,000 visits each year.

When will the initiative conclude?

  • This initiative will be reviewed in the 2010-11 Budget.

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