Australian Primary Care Collaboratives – continue and increase funding

An additional 800 general practices will be funded to take part in a program which helps them to deliver better care to patients with chronic diseases.

Page last updated: 08 May 2007

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Why is this important?

  • The Australian Primary Care Collaboratives Program provides education, advice and practical support to GPs and other health professionals to help them to deliver better care to their patients. Support is provided for activities such as setting up registers and recall systems for patients and improving the way that health professionals work together. This can be particularly beneficial to patients with a chronic disease.
  • This program will now be expanded to support an additional 800 general practices, taking the total number of practices to 1,300.

Who will benefit?

  • Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are estimated to be responsible for around 80 per cent of the burden of disease and injury in Australia.
  • Practices that have completed the program to date are delivering real benefits to their patients. The number of patients with diabetes with appropriate cholesterol levels has grown by 74 per cent while the number of patients receiving recommended medications after a heart attack has increased by 53 per cent.
  • An estimated three million more Australians could benefit as a result of the support to these additional practices.

What funding is the Government committing to the initiative?

  • The Government has committed $12.7 million in new funding over the next four years.

What have we done in the past?

  • The Government provided funding of $21.2 million between 2003-04 and 2006-07 to the Australian Primary Care Collaboratives Program under the Strengthening Medicare and Primary Care Providers Working Together initiatives.
  • Five hundred general practices have taken part in the program to date.

When will the initiative conclude?

  • This is an ongoing initiative.

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