National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy


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Research is a continuing high priority under the National Drug Strategic Framework. Action by health, police and education services to redress drug-related harm should reflect evidence-based practice, which in turn is based on quality research and evaluation.

The National Drug Strategy benefits from having dedicated National Research Centres that collectively provide the opportunity for a core research program in informing policy development and also in assisting in improving the effectiveness of treatment programs by disseminating new evidence that informs practice change.

Information on published research is available either directly through the National Drug Strategy website or by visiting the individual National Drug Strategy Research Centre websites.

Other Publications Links

National clinical guidelines for the management of drug use during pregnancy, birth and the early development years of the newborn

Other Research Links

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC): alcohol, drugs and substance abuse publications
The NHMRC Research Program encompasses the full spectrum of health and medical science. All NHMRC research has the broad strategic intent of better health for all Australians.

The Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA) also maintains a National Drugs Sector Information Service to ensure that all involved in the alcohol and other drugs field in Australia have easy access to relevant, reliable and timely information they need.

Drug Policy Research Center - a joint endeavour of RAND Health and RAND Infrastructure, Safety and Environment in the United States.

Data Collections

There are also a number of key data collections supported under the National Drug Strategy. These collections provide a composite of behaviours, activities and outcomes related to drug use and its control across Australia. Links to the latest reports are provided below.

2007 National Drug Strategy Household Survey: First Results - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services in Australia 2004-05 - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Statistics on Drug Use in Australia 2004 - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) - National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (includes press releases only)
Illicit Drug Data Reports - Australian Crime Commission
Key findings from the drug use careers of female offenders (DUCO) study - Australian Institute of Criminology
Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) - Australian Institute of Criminology
National Hospital Morbidity Database- Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
National Mortality Database 2006 - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Quantification of Drug-caused Mortality and Morbidity in Australia, 1998 - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

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