Incident and food recall management

Page last updated: 14 June 2018

NameObjectiveLead Authorisation Status
Food incident forum workshop For government and industry to discuss specific aspects of preparedness, response and communication. IRWG ISFR The next workshop will be held in August 2018.
Food incident exercise Review current incident response processes in a changing environment with new people, new risks and new intelligence sources. IRWG ISFR Planning underway for the exercise to be conducted in May 2018.
Annual incident response working group meeting To discuss issues related to national food incidents and the bi-National Food Safety Network. IRWG ISFR Occurs annually.
Annual food recall officers meeting To discuss recall issues, processes and procedures. IRWG ISFR Occurs annually.
Incident debriefs as required To discuss issues arising during national food incidents and any potential amendment to processes or procedures as a result of learnings. IRWG ISFR Established process, conducted as required.