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Page last updated: 12 August 2022

It is widely recognised that better outcomes for food regulation are achieved by increased involvement and engagement with stakeholders. Food businesses, industry groups, individuals and organisations who are experts in policy and technical areas as well as public health and consumer groups are all important in identifying and prioritising areas where action is needed. To assist with this, an Engagement Strategy has been developed. It aims to create a shared understanding among stakeholders of effective ways to engage in dialogue about food regulation issues.

It also explains that each of the different processes within our system (policy development, standard making and implementation and enforcers) has a different relationship with these diverse groups of stakeholders, and consultation remains key to achieving the best outcomes. Each of these processes relates to a specific issue or food standard, and the best way to engage with stakeholders is developed on a case-by-case basis to suit the project scope or specific issue. However, formal and/or informal stakeholder engagement is used to inform and shape the final outcome.

Here are some of the ways the food regulation system engages with stakeholders and how you can initiate contact:

The Food Regulation Roundtable (the Roundtable) is an initiative of the Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC). The Roundtable is not a decision-making forum, but provides FRSC and key stakeholders with the opportunity to strengthen relationships, share information and improve visibility of activities relevant to food regulation and food safety. FRSC issues invitations to stakeholders, based on the topics to be discussed, to ensure a breadth of experience and viewpoints is available for each Roundtable.

General Stakeholder Engagement Forum
The General Stakeholder Engagement Forums are part of a suite of initiatives adopted under FRSC’s communications strategy. The purpose of the General Stakeholder Engagement Forums is to engage with a broad range of stakeholders to improve stakeholder understanding of the food regulatory system and encourage more active engagement with its processes.

This will be achieved through providing a forum for information sharing; providing information on how the food regulatory system operates, including the roles and responsibilities of the various government participants; discussing key policy issues and providing a mechanism for strengthening relationships and building trust.

Targeted consultations
From time to time, FRSC may initiate targeted consultations within a sector of the food system. Like the roundtable, these consultations are not decision-making but provide FRSC and invited stakeholders with the opportunity to strengthen mutual understanding of specific issues. All public consultations are advertised on this website.

Subscription service
If you are interested in receiving communications on food regulatory matters, please subscribe to receive regular food regulation news and updates.

Current activities
All current activities being undertaken by the food regulation system are listed on the website. Engagement opportunities and who to contact on each of the activities in included in the workplan.

Direct contact
You can also contact your local member of Parliament, a Food Ministers' Meeting or FRSC Member, or enforcement agencies in your jurisdiction.

Food Standards consultations
Consultation papers on food standards are published on the FSANZ website.

Previous consultations
Please see our previous consultations for historical reference.

Media contacts
For media enquiries - News@health.gov.au

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