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HTA Consumer Consultative Committee


The HTA Consumer Consultative Committee (the Committee) was established in 2017 to provide strategic advice and support to the principal Health Technology Assessment Committees and the Department of Health. The Committee work plan has included activities especially relating to consumer engagement and participation in Health Technology Assessment processes.

The Committee’s key functions are to:
  • Assist the Department to work more closely with consumers and communities in HTA decision making
  • Bring consumer and community evidence and views into HTA processes
  • Inform policy on consumer and patient matters in HTA of significance to Australian consumers and community
  • Creating opportunities to promote greater public understanding of HTA processes
  • Enhance methods for formal patient inputs.
To assist further the work of the Committee in 2019 a designated HTA Consumer Evidence and Engagement Unit was established within the Department of Health to allow the development of structured projects of engagement with consumer and patient groups.
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