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Funding Health Services

The Australian Government assists Australians in accessing necessary health services and technologies by subsidising the cost of health-related goods and services through a range of different funding arrangements including public subsidy through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), and through private health insurance reimbursement of prostheses through the Prostheses List.

This website provides an overview of the current Australian Government HTA processes used to inform decisions about the registration of health technologies for use in Australia, and the reimbursement provided under these funding programs.

The website provides information about these different programs and how they may interact with each other, as well as the roles, functions and inter-relationships of the expert advisory committees that assess and provide advice to Government about new and emerging health technologies. It provides links to the existing websites of these programs and expert advisory committees where more comprehensive information is available. This website does not replace or replicate these existing websites, but provides a guide to assist people to better access and to utilise information already available, and to understand how government processes work.

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