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Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and the National Immunisation Program

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and the National Immunisation Program 

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme 

The Australian Government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) provides reliable, timely and affordable access to a wide range of medicines for all Australians. The PBS provides a listing of medicines subsidised by government so that the cost to the consumer is less, sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars, than the price of the medicine. The operations of the PBS are embodied in National Health Act 1953 (Part VII) and in the National Health (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Regulations under the Act. The PBS is generally updated monthly to include new listings and the latest changes. 
Further information on the PBS is available from the PBS Website

The National Immunisation Program 

The National Immunisation Program (NIP) is an established collaborative program involving the Australian Government and the state and territory governments, which aims to increase national immunisation coverage rates by funding essential vaccines for eligible infants, children, adolescents and adults.  
For further information on the NIP please refer to the National Immunisation Program page
Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC)

The PBAC is an independent expert body appointed by the Australian Government. Members include doctors, health professionals, health economists and consumer representatives.  

 Its primary role is to recommend new medicines for listing on the PBS. No new medicine can be listed unless the committee makes a positive recommendation.  The PBAC meets three times a year, usually in March, July and November.  

 When recommending a medicine for listing, the PBAC takes into account the medical conditions for which the medicine was registered for use in Australia, its clinical effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness (‘value for money’) compared with other treatments.  

 For further information on the PBAC please refer to the PBS website

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