ISARP 2013–14 Funding Round

Page last updated: 29 October 2013

The following is a guide to the types of activities that are eligible for support under the 2013–14 Funding Round of the ISARP. If you are unsure if your proposed project falls under the ISARP, you should contact the Office for Sport.

Sport and active recreation activities—The ISARP supports a wide range of activities from sports (e.g. cricket, football, netball) through to traditional Indigenous games and other physical recreation pursuits. Activities may be conducted year round or over a specified period (including small grants).

Sport and active recreation camps including training camps—Sport and active recreation outreach activities (specifically, one day or part-day events not requiring accommodation for participants).

Sport and active recreation competitions/carnivals where the emphasis is on continued participation.

Indigenous  employment positions—including sport and recreation administration workers, gym assistants, life guards, sport and recreation coordinators, sport and recreation officers and recreation maintenance officers.

All applicants seeking funding under the ISARP must make a formal application. The application pack or e-Sub will outline the information and supporting documents required in the submission. Organisations are encouraged to apply on-line using the electronic submission (e-Sub) system.

Alternatively, contact the Office for Sport on (02) 6210 2999 to get an application pack.

Applications for the 2013–14 funding year are open between 2 February and 16 March 2013.

All applicants are expected to comply with the Australian Government policy on sport. The applicant must also have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Please follow the links to obtain sample previous ISARP information guidelines, terms and conditions and reporting templates:


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For general enquiries regarding the program, please call the ISARP information line in the Office for Sport on 02 6210 2999.

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