Literature and Evidence Review on health service commissioning

Page last updated: 21 September 2018

Intended audience: Primary Health Networks, General public, Health professionals

The ‘Challenges and lessons for good practice: Review of the history and development of health service commissioning’ is for anyone interested in commissioning. This review looks at the key features of health service commissioning systems, best practice, key challenges and risks.

This March 2016 review was part of a PwC-led project funded by the Department of Health. The King's Fund undertook the research and main authorship. The University of Melbourne provided additional local Australian context and content.

The review covers:

  • Definitions of commissioning
  • Contracting options
  • Payment mechanisms
  • Balancing local and national commissioning
  • Governance and accountability
  • Leadership and collaboration
  • Priority setting and decision making
  • Stimulating improvement
  • Challenges and risks
  • Key features of success
Literature and Evidence Review (Word 361 KB)
Literature and Evidence Review (PDF 1546 KB)