Medicare Benefit Schedule Review Process

This page contains an infographic about the Medicare Benefit Schedule Review Process

Page last updated: 02 August 2017

What is the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)?

The MBS is a list of health professional services subsidised by the Australian Government. There are over 5,700 MBS items which provide patient benefits for wide-ranging services including consultations, diagnostic tests and operations.

  • Government establishes MBS Review Taskforce
    Following feedback from clinicians and the broader community that some services on the MBS did not reflect clinical best practice.

  • The MBS Review Taskforce
    The Taskforce is considering more than 5,700 items on the MBS. They are looking at how the items can be aligned with contemporary clinical evidence and practice and improve health outcomes for all Australians.

  • Taskforce sets up Clinical Committees
    The clinical review of MBS items is carried out by discipline specific Clinical Committees and Working Groups. The Clinical Committees who have responsibility for reviewing a defined range of existing MBS items report to the Taskforce.

  • Taskforce establishes a Principles & Rules Committee
    The Principles and Rules Committee appointed by the Taskforce is reviewing the enforceable rules and regulations underpinning the MBS ensuring they are up-to-date and support contemporary clinical practice.

  • Public Consultation
    Committees release reports with draft recommendations and invite stakeholder feedback. The recommendations do not represent the final position on items. They remain subject to consideration of stakeholder feedback and the Taskforce. The Taskforce will continue to release draft recommendations on different areas of the MBS regularly over the next year.

  • Taskforce committees consider public feedback
    The Taskforce Committees will assess the advice from public consultation and decide if any changes are needed to the recommendations The Taskforce Committees will then send the recommendations to the MBS Taskforce.

  • Taskforce considers committee’s recommendations and public feedback
    Public consultation with stakeholders, including consumers of MBS services is integral to the process established by the MBS Review Taskforce. The Taskforce will consider the recommendations as well as the information provided by the public to make sure that all the important concerns are addressed.

  • The Taskforce delivers finalised recommendations to government throughout the MBS Review process & will deliver a final report to government at the end of the MBS Review.
    The Taskforce will also develop an ongoing system of review to make sure the MBS remains up-to-date after the current Review is completed.

  • Government considers Taskforce recommendations

  • A better MBS for all Australians

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