Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting Communiqué, Melbourne 1 October 2015

Summary of the Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting for the 1 October 2015.

Page last updated: 18 October 2017

PDF version: Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting Communique, Melbourne 1 October 2015 (PDF 65 KB)

Melbourne, 1 October 2015
Australia’s Sport and Recreation Ministers today took the steps to further strengthen the integrity of Australian sport, enhance sport and recreation participation and protect sporting participants from the dangers of concussion.

Sport Ministers confirmed their commitment to ensuring Australians are safe when participating in sport by endorsing a Concussion in Sport Position Statement. The Federal Government will now finalise the guidelines for official release.

Sports Ministers have ensured that Australia continues to be a world anti-doping leader by updating the National Anti-Doping Framework 2015. The Framework aligns domestic anti-doping efforts at all levels of government and provides a set of principles and identified areas for cooperation between the Australian, State and Territory Governments.

Ministers have agreed to ask the Committee of Australian Sport and Recreation Officials to develop an options paper on approaches to improve women’s participation in sport and leadership roles and the profile of women’s sport.

Ministers have confirmed their commitment to the active recreation industry by supporting the development of Australia’s first national framework for best practice risk and safety management for outdoor adventure standards. This project demonstrates the collaborative approach being taken by the Australian government, state and territory governments and the active recreation sector in addressing the needs of the industry.

Ministers have asked the Committee of Australian Sport and Recreation Officials to identify minimum safety standards across jurisdictions for Combat Sports and to report back to the MSRM for consideration.