Evaluation of the Northern Territory Continuous Quality Improvement Investment Strategy

This report provides findings and recommendations based on an evaluation of the Northern Territory (NT) Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Investment Strategy (CQI Strategy).

Page last updated: 12 November 2014

The CQI Strategy has been in place in the NT Aboriginal primary health care sector since 2009. In August 2012 the Department engaged Allen and Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists to undertake an independent evaluation of the CQI Strategy. The results of the evaluation are available in the Final Report and the Summary Report which were finalised on 30 June 2013.

Key findings

The key findings from the evaluation are as follows.
  • The CQI Strategy has increased awareness of, and participation in, CQI activities and processes
  • A significant amount of CQI training and support has been provided under the Strategy
  • There is flexibility in the way the CQI approach is implemented across the NT
  • CQI is not yet embedded as core business within the NT Aboriginal health sector
  • Decisions over CQI processes largely sit at the regional and NT level, with little control in the hands of local clinic staff
  • More could be done to support Aboriginal health practitioner (AHP) and community engagement in CQI
  • There is differential growth in the capacity and capability of those that drive CQI, and that of front line health staff
  • The goals and objectives of the CQI Strategy are not clearly defined
  • The CQI Strategy builds naturally on other NT Aboriginal PHC reforms and systems
  • The CQI Steering Committee is performing well in its task of operationalising the Strategy, but there is a gap in higher level oversight of the Strategy
  • CQI Strategy funding and contracts should more closely match the degree of development of CQI capability and capacity in particular services
The reports of the evaluation are available in Word and PDF formats:
Summary Report (Word 195 KB)
Summary Report (PDF 391 KB)

Final Report (Word 565 KB)
Final Report (PDF 864 KB)