New (7th) Community Pharmacy Agreement

Page last updated: 19 December 2019

The current five year, Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement, between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild) is due to expire on 30 June 2020.

In line with the Government’s commitment to lead early and inclusive consultations to inform the 7CPA, the Department has met with a range of organisations since mid 2019. Negotiations have also continued with the Guild and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Stakeholder advice has focussed on how the 7CPA can achieve ongoing improvements to support affordability and increased access to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines, underpinned by effective pharmacy services that achieve the best health outcomes for all Australians.

The Department held two stakeholder roundtable meetings on 23 July 2019 and 14 November 2019.

Communique on the first Roundtable for the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement - Tuesday 23 July 2019

Communique on the second Roundtable for the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement - Thursday 14 November 2019