Immunisation Data

Page last updated: 19 April 2018

Childhood immunisation coverage data

The Department of Health has a full set of childhood immunisation coverage data from 2015 onwards for Primary Health Networks (PHN) and Statistical Areas Level 3 (SA3).

Childhood immunisation coverage data (PHN and SA3)

MyHealthyCommunities: Immunisation rates for children

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's (AIHW) MyHealthy Communities website presents 2012–17 immunisation rates for all children and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 1, 2 and 5 years.

Results are presented for the 31 PHN areas. Where possible they are broken down into smaller geographic areas, including for more than 300 smaller areas and across Australian postcodes. An interactive web tool allows users to compare results over time by geography and age group. Detailed immunisation rates for children by PHN area and SA3s are also available in the downloadable Excel sheets.

Immunisation rates for children

MyHealthyCommunities: HPV Immunisation rates

The AIHW’s MyHealthy Communities website provides information about the percentage of girls and boys aged 15 across 31 PHN areas who were fully immunised against HPV in 2012–16.

As well as reporting for 31 PHN areas, data are presented for more than 80 smaller areas of geography, called Statistical Areas Level 4 (SA4s). Information is provided at the local level to assist the school-based program managers and local health system managers to determine where improvement in rates is needed.

Detailed HPV immunisation data by PHN area and SA4s are available in the downloadable Excel sheets.

HPV Immunisation rates

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