PHN Mental Health Tools and Resources

Page last updated: 27 February 2019

This page houses resources, presentations and other key information to assist Primary Health Networks (PHNs) with mental health reform implementation.

PHN Advisory Panel on Mental Health Reports

The PHN Advisory Panel on Mental Health produced two reports – the first is the ‘Reform and System Transformation: A Five Year Horizon for PHNs’ which was distributed to PHNs on the 4th January 2019 and the second is ‘The report of the PHN Advisory Panel on Mental Health’ which was released on 27 February 2019.

The National Suicide Prevention Leadership & Support Program Project Information for PHNs

This information resource is to assist PHNs to understand and engage with the work of projects funded by the Australian Government under the National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program.

PHN Primary Mental Health Care Flexible Funding Pool Implementation Guidance

Guidance material has been developed to support PHNs in implementing the primary mental health care reform activities and managing the associated flexible funding. The guidance material provides clarity on core issues, sets out expectations of PHNs and provides best practice examples, where appropriate. The guidance material is to be considered as ‘point in time’ guidance and may be subject to revision at a later date. The workforce support information and resources document provides information on resources currently available relevant to supporting the mental health workforce throughout the mental health reform implementation process.

Guidance material in Word format

Guidance material in PDF format

An evidence-based systems approach to suicide prevention: guidance on planning, commissioning and monitoring

To support PHNs in implementing a systems based regional approach to suicide prevention that meets local community need, the Department of Health commissioned the Black Dog Institute to develop a specific resource for PHNs that outlines current best practice suicide prevention activities. The resource 'An evidence-based systems approach to suicide prevention: guidance on planning, commissioning and monitoring' provides PHNs with a comprehensive body of evidence that can inform assessment, planning and commissioning processes for suicide prevention services.

Mental Health Nursing Services in Australia: A How to Guide for PHNs

With support from the Department of Health, the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses has developed a ‘how to guide’ to assist with the transition of mental health nursing services to PHNs.

Mental Health, Counselling and Community Wellbeing services to Individuals affected by PFAS Contamination

To support identified PHNs to make available dedicated mental health and counselling services and support community-led wellbeing initiatives, building on the work already being undertaken in primary and mental health care.

Mental Health Activity Work Plan template

The Mental Health Activity Work Plan template must be used by PHNs to submit their Mental Health Activity Work Plan. The template for the Plan requires PHNs to outline activities against each and every one of the six priorities for mental health and suicide prevention. The Plan should also lay the foundation for implementation of a broader stepped care model in the PHN region.