Reviews and Evaluations

Page last updated: 06 March 2019

The following reviews and evaluations provide information about the evolving Primary Health Networks (PHN) Program and PHNs.

Review of Medicare Locals

The review of Medicare Locals provided independent advice on all aspects of a Medicare Local’s structure, operations and functions, as well as options for future directions.

Review of Medicare Locals

Evaluation of the Primary Health Networks Program

This evaluation was conducted to (1) assess how the PHN Program was implemented in local contexts; (2) understand the extent to which the PHN Program had an impact and achieved its intended objectives; and (3) inform the ongoing implementation of the PHN Program. The Evaluation did not assess individual PHNs but used their experiences to evaluate the effectiveness of the PHN Program as a whole.

Evaluation of the PHN Program - Final Report (PDF 2001 KB)

Recommendations from the Deloitte report 'Review of Headspace Melton Commissioning Process'

Deloitte has conducted an independent review of the commissioning process undertaken by the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network with respect to the establishment of headspace Melton. The Department has asked the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network to immediately commence the recommissioning of the Melton headspace service having regard to issues identified in this review.

Deloitte has made the following general recommendations to enhance future commissioning processes conducted by PHNs:
  • Provide the opportunity for finalists of a tender process to present their submissions to the evaluation panel, especially when the evaluation scores are very close
  • When commissioning headspace services, include headspace Model Integrity Framework information in the Request for Tender documentation and involve headspace National, per the Specifications for Commissioning headspace Services 1 and Specifications for Commissioning headspace Services 2 Guidance documents, and
  • When commissioning headspace services, ensure the Tender Evaluation Panel is comprised of members who are knowledgeable or experienced in headspace initiatives, the headspace Model Integrity Framework and other headspace requirements.
The Final Report, including the Supplementary Report are available below:
Review of Headspace Melton Commissioning Process (PDF 22844 KB)
Review of Headspace Melton Commissioning Process - Supplementary Report (PDF 162 KB)

For more information on PHN commissioning of primary health services you can refer to:
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