PHN Secure Data Area

Page last updated: 08 December 2015

This is an Australian Government computer system. It is a criminal offence for unauthorised persons or devices to connect to this system. The information within the secure section should only be used for Primary Health Network (PHN) business, including health planning. You must take all reasonable measures to:

  • protect the data from unauthorised use, reproduction, external distribution or publication;
  • prevent usage of the data for the purposes of seeking to identify persons;
  • ensure access to the data is only made available to no more than two named individuals within your PHN.

The Australian Government its departments, agents, employees and contractors does not accept liability for any loss or damage however caused (including negligence) which a person may directly or indirectly incur, arising out of use, interpretation or reliance of the information contained in the site, or the persons inability to access the site.

PHN Secure Data

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