Online version of the 2013-14 Department of Health Annual Report

Note 2: Events After the Reporting Period

Notes to and Forming Part of the Financial Statements

Page last updated: 17 July 2019

2.1. Lapsing Appropriations

The following amounts lapsed on 1 July 2014 when the Omnibus Repeal Day (Autumn 2014) Act 2014 became effective:

  • $50,887 relating to Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2011-12;
  • $1 relating to Appropriation Act (No. 2) 2011-12 – SPP; and
  • $3,213,578 relating to Appropriation Act (No. 6) 2011-12.
  • $3,772,652 relating to Appropriation Act (No. 5) 2011-12.

2.2. Administered Inventory

$2,048,374 of Administered inventory held in the National Medical Stockpile will pass its expiry date during the period July to September 2014 (2012-13: $4,360,839).

2.3. Portfolio Agencies

The Government intends to transfer the essential functions of the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, Health Workforce Australia and General Practice Education and Training Ltd to the Department during 2014-15, with a view to closing these agencies. Any residual assets and liabilities held by these agencies will also be transferred to the Department. These transfers have no impact on the 2013-14 financial statements.

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