Online version of the 2013-14 Department of Health Annual Report

Note 19: Reporting of Outcomes

Notes to and Forming Part of the Financial Statements

Page last updated: 17 July 2019

The TGA is a part of the Department of Health. The TGA contributes to Outcome 1 of the Department of Health - a reduction in the incidence of preventable mortality and morbidity in Australia, including through regulation and national initiatives that support healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. All costs are attributable to the outcome.

The outcome structure of the Department of Health was revised in the 2014-15 Budget. From the 2014-15 financial year, the TGA will contribute to Outcome 7 - Improved capacity, quality and safety of Australia’s health care system to meet current and future health needs including through investment in health infrastructure, regulation, international health policy engagement, research into health care, and support for blood and organ donation services.

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