Online version of the 2014-15 Department of Health Annual Report

Our Vision

Page last updated: 17 July 2019

Our vision

Better health and wellbeing for all Australians, now and for future generations

Our purpose

Lead and shape Australia’s health system and sporting outcomes through evidence based policy, well targeted programmes, and best practice regulation

Our capabilities

  • We build leadership at all levels
  • We think strategically and make evidence based choices
  • We strengthen our key relationships
  • We embed innovation in our work
  • We manage cost and invest in long term sustainability

Our strategic priorities

Better health outcomes and reduced inequality through:

  • An integrated approach that balances prevention, primary, secondary and tertiary care
  • Promoting greater engagement of individuals in their health and healthcare
  • Enabling access for the most disadvantaged including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people in rural and remote areas and people experiencing socio-economic disadvantage

Affordable, accessible, efficient, and high quality health system through:

  • Partnering and collaborating with others to deliver health programmes
  • Better, more cost-effective patient care through innovation and technology
  • Regulation that protects the health and safety of the community

Better sport outcomes through:

  • Boosting participation opportunities for all Australians
  • Optimising international performance
  • Safeguarding integrity in sport

Our values and behaviours


I - Impartial
C - Committed to Service
A - Accountable
R - Respectful
E - Ethical

Our behaviours in action

Collaborate to innovate – work with others to make a difference
Invest in high performance – nurture talent and build capability in others
Trust and empower – build trust to exercise responsibility
Listen and appreciate – listen with intent and value contributions
Walk the talk – lead by example and embrace change

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