Commonwealth Sports Ministers Meeting Inclusive Communities through Sport "Goal India" Project

Page last updated: 30 October 2013

Presentation given by Beng Choo Low, Member of CABOS.

Slide 1 - Commonwealth Sports Ministers Meeting Inclusive Communities through Sport "Goal India" Project

Date: 9 August 2008
Time: 9.00 a.m. 1.00 p.m.
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Beijing, China
By: Beng Choo Low
CABOS Member

Slide 2 - Background

  • Benefits to Young people of Participation in:
    • Organised sports Safe, comfortable & open environment to learn in & acquire new knowledge
    • International Development context
  • Use of Sport as a medium to Reach, Include & Empower
    • Fun, friendly & inclusive way to learn & bond
  • "Sport & Sponsorship are not always about fame & fortune"

Slide 3 - Project Outline

Bi-modular Programme

  • Integration of Sport
  • Twice weekly netball sessions of 1 hour each - Training & competition
  • Supplemented by educational modules - Broader programme of education Social & life skills development:
  • Personal issues, e.g. hygiene, sexuality
  • Communication skills build confidence
  • Health & Well-being issues e.g. HIV/AIDs
  • Social issues, e.g. environment
  • Economic issues, e.g. micro-finance & computing

Slide 4 - Project Aims

  • To engage & empower young people girls & young women (13-19 years) to become leaders in their communities
  • To build inclusive & safer communities
  • To deliver education & positive experiences
  • To facilitate broader personal & social development, health & well-being (physical fitness, HIV/AIDS education)
  • Contribute to Government of India's aim empower women promote netball for 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games

Slide 5 - Stakeholders

Started in 2006

  • Undertaken by the NAZ Foundation (India) Trust Charitable (NGO) organisation
  • In collaboration with International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) International Sport Federation
  • Sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank International bank

Slide 6 - Project Challenges

  • Gender restrictions in Indian society
    • Strong patriarchal society Males favoured
  • Discriminatory treatment of females
    • When boys grow up, wealth comes in, when girls grow up, wealth goes out
  • Traditional ideals & behaviour of Indian women
  • Sport seen as a male preserve
    • Cricket in India; Difficult for girls taccess sport
  • Sustaining rather than challenging the practice

Slide 7 - Project Sport

Netball chose because:

  • It provides a girls' sport without challenging male dominance of sports such as cricket non-threatening
  • A sport which is accessible & simple easy to understand inexpensive: 2 goalposts & a ball
  • Provides benefits of sport without physical body contact that challenge traditional ideals & behaviour of Indian Women
  • Teamwork building Each netball has specific duties Must work together Passing is important

Slide 8 - Project Focus

  • Sport for Development (not Sport for Sport or Elite sport)
  • Small close-knit groups in impoverished neighbourhoods
  • Sustained intense support & education positive personal & social inclusion
  • Holistic approach to positive educational, personal & social development & social inclusion
    • Health & Well-being, Team work, Leadership, Enhance existing community programs

Slide 9 - Project Implementation

  • 2 sites in Delhi conservative & economically deprived communities with different settings
    • Aali Gaon disadvantaged rural setting community girls limited or no education
    • Deepalaya girls integrated within school system more freedom & higher expectations
    • 60 schools, 15 colleges 3,500 girls & young women
    • Fathers in marginalised jobs, mothers housewives girls expected to stay at home & help in family
  • Roll-out in Chennai & Mumbai

Slide 10 - Project Key Components

  • The Leadership Awards Community Program
  • The Goal Champions Program
  • Coaches for Social Change

Slide 11 - The Leadership Awards Community Program

  • 60 underprivileged girls & young women from 3 disadvantaged communities in Delhi
  • Year-long leadership program
  • Supports Development of social & entrepreneurial skills & performance
    • with scholarships, microfinance grants & possible employment opportunitiesr

Slide 12 - The Goal Champions Program

  • 15-20 girls & young women from 5 different colleges in Delhi
  • Provide peer to peer support to leadership program
  • Participation in community events
  • Promotes volunteerism to coach & play netball to continue with Project

Slide 13 - Coaches For Social Change

  • Professional netball coaches to train 3,500 girls & young women from 3 communities, 60 schools, 15 colleges
  • Facilitates basic discussion on issues, e.g., social, environment, health & well-being
  • Organise tournaments to bring together communities, schools & colleges

Slide 14 - Project Benefits: On & Off The Field

  • Personal Development
  • Social Development
  • Health & Well-being
  • Empowerment
  • Educational
  • Positive cultural changes

Slide 15 - Personal Development

  • Skill acquisition & Mastery
  • Assert rights & Decision making
  • Confidence building Positive body Language Personality Development
    • by mastering a previously unknown sport or skill
    • through success & achievements not matter of winning or losing, but playing the sport is itself an achievement

Slide 16 - Social Development

  • Teamwork - Making own court - Effective Communication - Sharing & Caring
  • Taking Responsibility & Leadership
  • uilding relationships with others - Families & Friends, Staff-Participants
  • Gaining the Respect of others & Encouragement - Parents, Peers & Adults

Slide 17 - Health Benefits

  • Benefits of active lifestyle
  • Physical fitness & Positive energy
  • Better Feminine Body Image - Increased confidence
  • Lower Healthcare & related costs

Slide 18 - Empowerment

  • Empowerment not just as Individuals but also as a Group - Spirit of Unity & Team
  • Independence & Taking more control of own lives - Increased Confidence
  • Freedom of movement - during game participation
  • Space to be themselves & to Develop personally & socially

Slide 19 - Educational Benefits

  • Girls more engaged in school & worked harder at studies - Better academic results
  • Gaining new knowledge - especially of sensitive issues of importance for their own lives
  • Reflection & Discussion - Ask questions
  • Sharing knowledge & information - Passing it on with peers & with family members - mothers, brothers, sisters at home
  • Positive Cultural Changes - Re-educating others

Slide 20 - Impacting The Future

  • Gradual changes through sharing & passing on knowledge & information
    • not looking at grooming professional players or corporate employment seekers
    • Better & more responsible citizens
  • Opportunities to coach & play
    • To become role models, mentors & friends
  • Raising aspirations & expectations, life goals & ambitions
    • Desire to succeed in life & contribute back to community & society

Slide 21 - Quote from Participants

Munisha Ali, Age 18, Aali Gaon

"GOAL has changed my life. I was to get married early this year but Abidi convinced my father about the benefits of the GOAL Program and persuaded him to postpone my wedding and allow me to enrol in the program. I feel free and liberated when I play netball. I aspire to be a great netball player"

Sharma Parveen, Age 15, Govindipuri

"I have so many siblings that my parents might not be able to support my education. Even though I might not be able to do anything else in my life, GOAL has given me an opportunity to understand my true self. I have always wanted to become famous and make my parents proud of me. Perhaps GOAL is the way to make this come true"

Slide 22

Quote from Participant's Mother - participating in a lemon & spoon race:

" I have never participated in a sport before! Do you think I will be able to make it to the end without dropping the lemon?"

Slide 23 - Quote from Standard Chartered Bank Manager

"Being a part of GOAL and interacting with the girls has been an immensely gratifying and fulfilling experience. I was amazed at the independent flow of thought that the girls displayed despite all the challenges faced by them"

Slide 24 - More Quotes

  • "What I have learnt from here is confidence and how to speak." - Participant
  • "We've got a direction." - Participant
  • My parents said I could not study. But after the program, "now they have a lot of hope and aspirations for me, and they think that I will do something in life." - Participant
  • "Empowering a young woman allows her to protect herself Every young woman should be given a chance like this" - Anjali Gopalan, Executive Director, Naz India.