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Page last updated: 13 December 2017

My grandfather is a veteran of World War Two and recently his health has started to get worse. Normally he is outgoing and he loves meeting with his friends at the local bowling club, however he has stopped going since he suffered a partial stroke a few months ago. He is now having trouble communicating and doing things on his own. How can my grandfather access services to help him improve his speech? What other services or programmes can my grandfather access?

What services are available?

The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) is responsible for funding medical and allied health services and rehabilitation appliances for entitled veterans under the DVA Health Card arrangements. Allied health services including Speech Pathology can be accessed following a referral from the veteran’s medical practitioner. The provision of aids and appliances help to minimise the impact of disabilities, enhance quality of life and maximise independence. Aids and appliances are provided to entitled veterans through DVA’s Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). RAP provides equipment according to each persons assessed clinical need as part of the overall management of their health care.

Further information about DVA programs and support for carers of veterans please contact:

Metro Phone: 133 254
Regional Phone: 1800 555 254
DVA Website: Department of Veteran Affairs
Factsheet Website: Department of Veterans' Affairs Factsheets

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