Checklist for internet point-of-sale tobacco advertising

This checklist is designed to assist retailers in ensuring internet point-of-sale advertising complies with the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Regulation 1993.

Page last updated: 11 April 2018

When using this checklist you should also refer to the 'Guide to internet point-of-sale tobacco advertising' which explains in more detail the rules covering internet point-of-sale tobacco advertising.

Internet point-of-sale tobacco advertisements must:

  • include a purchase facility*;
  • use a standardised layout and format using the same font and font size (so no product is displayed more prominently than any other product);
  • use black text on white backgrounds (other than hyperlinks which may be blue after use); and
  • include a statement that the prices include all taxes.

*definition of a purchase facility is described in more detail on page 4 of the 'Guide to Internet Point-of-sale Tobacco Advertising'.

Internet point-of-sale tobacco advertisements and their associated purchase facilities must:

  • display a warning that it is illegal to sell tobacco to people aged under 18 at the top and bottom of each page of the advertisement**;
  • display a warning that it is illegal to purchase tobacco on behalf of people aged under 18 at the top and bottom of each page of the advertisement**;
  • display a health warning message and corresponding graphic at the top and bottom of each page of the advertisement**; and
  • include a system that limits access to the advertisement to people aged 18 and over.

** where tobacco advertisements are specifically designed to be accessed only from a mobile phone – for example, via a mobile phone application – graphic health warnings and age warnings must be displayed using prominent ‘pop-ups’.

Internet point-of-sale tobacco advertisements are permitted to include the following information:

  • product names;
  • prices (inclusive of all taxes) and information about any other charges payable (for example, delivery charges);
  • package size or weight of products;
  • item numbers or codes for products; and
  • country of origin of products.
Tobacco advertisements, including their associated purchase facilities, must not include any of the following:

  • words that make claims about or describe the appeal of tobacco products;
  • words or images that are intended to entice a person to purchase a tobacco product;
  • words that contradict, qualify or modify a health warning marked on the tobacco product being advertised;
  • images of tobacco products;
  • more than one price for each tobacco product (for example a ‘regular’ price and a ‘sale’ price); and
  • content that promotes another site containing a tobacco advertisement or solicits internet traffic to a tobacco advertisement.

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