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  • 1. Background
    • United States Anti-Doping Agency inquiry
    • Development of an international anti-doping framework
    • Change in culture
    • The current challenge
    • Impact on cycling in Australia
    • Acknowledgements
  • 2. Australian cycling community—an overview
    • Overview of cycling organisations
    • Role of Cycling Australia
    • Cycling population
  • 3. Governance of Cycling Australia
    • Background
    • Cycling Australia, Executive Management Structure
    • Cycling Australia, Commercial and Events Human Resources Structure
    • Issues
  • 4. Anti-doping strategies
    • Antidoping arrangements Australia—an overview
    • Implementation of the Australian anti-doping
    • Issues arising
    • Increased focus of Cycling Australia on anti-doping
    • Ethics and Integrity Panel
    • Anti-doping education
    • Supplements
    • Athlete profiling—warning signs
    • Athletes cooperating with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
    • Extending the reach of testing
    • Support, brokerage and mentoring
    • Support programs
    • Sanctions and the Declaration Policy
    • ASADA Act reform
    • Privacy legislation
  • List of appendices
    • Appendix A Letter of appointment and Terms of Reference
    • Appendix B List of interviewees and submissions
    • Appendix C Cycling event structure—summary matrix (provided by Cycling Australia)
    • Appendix D Cycling Australia referral of doping authority to Australian Sports Anti-Doping
      Authority, 2006
    • Appendix E Cycling Australia sample declarations
    • Appendix F Cycling Australia membership statistics—provided at December 2012