Diagnostic imaging Medicare item groups

Help accessing diagnostic imaging Medicare items by technology and by Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) category.

Page last updated: 02 June 2015

The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS or the Schedule) together with the Diagnostic Imaging Service Table (a tabular list of Medicare-subsidised diagnostic imaging services) provides up-to-date information about the current arrangements for the payment of Medicare benefits under the Health Insurance Act 1973.

The MBS is an up-to-date record of Medicare subsidised items and the conditions of their use including:

  • Medicare Benefit Schedule fee (the $ fee set by government). Note, diagnostic imaging providers are entitled to set their own fees. Therefore the actual fee charged may be different to the Schedule fee.
  • Medicare benefit (the $ amount that you can expect to get back from Medicare)
  • description of the service
  • provider requirements (if any)
  • referral requirements (if any).

Medicare diagnostic imaging item categories

TECHNOLOGYCategory 5MBS Item numbers
UltrasoundsGroup 11 55005-55855
Computed Tomography (CT)Group 1256001-57361
Diagnostic radiology (including x-ray)Group 1357506-61110
Nuclear medicine (including PET)Group 1461302-61729
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)Group 1563001-63523
Management of bulk-billed servicesGroup 1664990-64991

For more information see MBS Online.