Telehealth Pilots Programme

The Telehealth Pilots Programme aims to demonstrate how fit for purpose broadband technology enables better access to high quality healthcare services, particularly aged care, palliative care and cancer care, using telehealth services in the home.

Page last updated: 25 February 2014

Invitation to Apply

The Invitation to Apply for Funding for the Programme was released on 4 April 2012 and closed on 17 May 2012.

Outcome of Invitation to Apply

The Department received over 100 applications. All eligible applications received were assessed and evaluated against the Programme’s selection criteria.

Successful Applicants

In accordance with the Commonwealth Grant Guidelines, successful applicants are listed below.
Funding Recipient
Name of Project
Australian Government Funding
CSIRO Home Monitoring of Chronic Disease for Aged Care$2,747,975 (excluding GST)
CSIRO NBN Enabled Indigenous Tele-eye Care$1,300,000 (excluding GST)
Feros Care LtdMy Health Clinic At Home$2,461,311 (excluding GST)
Hunter New England Local Health DistrictCancer Care Self-Management NBN Telehealth Program $1,545,640 (excluding GST)
integratedliving Australia LtdStaying Strong: Enhanced Aged Care for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians$2,104,236 (excluding GST)
Leading Age Services AustraliaServing Older Australians – a National Approach to NBN Enabled Telehealth$1,829,236 (excluding GST)
The Flinders University of South AustraliaTelehealth in the Home; Aged and Palliative Care in SA$2,528,095 (excluding GST)
The Royal District Nursing ServiceIntegrated Home Telehealth$2,993,037 (excluding GST)
Uniquest Pty LtdComprehensive Telehealth Assisted Care$2,756,241 (excluding GST)

Overview of the Telehealth Pilots Programme

The $20.6 million Telehealth Pilots Programme provides funding to successful proposals for pilot projects to develop and deliver telehealth services to high speed broadband enabled homes with a focus on aged, palliative or cancer care services, including advance care planning services. The Programme will investigate and demonstrate opportunities for the extension of telehealth services in the future and the business case for doing so.

The aim of the Programme is to develop and trial services which demonstrate how, for example:
    • Telehealth services can be delivered to the home in new and innovative ways, enabled by any broadband access technology considered fit for purpose;
    • Health services can become more accessible in regional, rural, remote and outer metropolitan areas;
    • Health related transport needs can be reduced;
    • Consumers can collaborate and communicate with their carers and health service providers to improve quality of care and health outcomes;
    • A reduction in unnecessary hospitalisation may be achieved;
    • Telehealth services are scalable and able to provide an increased volume of care without a corresponding increased cost;
    • Location dependent or regional health workforce skills shortages may be mitigated;
    • Use of the infrastructure may increase healthcare access and reduce social isolation; and
    • Communication during health emergencies could be improved.

Teleheath and eHealth in Australia

Telehealth gives Australians living in rural, remote and outer metropolitan locations greater access to a range of subsidised specialist consultations. It bridges the distance between people living in rural or remote Australia with specialist healthcare in a capital city, delivering real-time health consultations online.

The better use and management of patient health information, shared safely and securely between healthcare organisations via a connected national online system – the Australian Government’s personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record system – will make the delivery of health care more effective and efficient.

The Australian Government’s personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record system was launched on 1 July 2012.

People seeking healthcare in Australia can now register for an eHealth record – a secure, electronic summary of your important health information.

The Personally Controlled eHealth Record SystemRegister for your eHealth record

Take control of your health. Register for a personally controlled electronic health record.
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