Diabetes Care Project

The Diabetes Care Project was a three year pilot programme which analysed new models of health care delivery for adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Page last updated: 03 June 2015

The Australian Government provided $31.4 million in funding and the Victorian Government contributed $2 million, bringing the total project value to $33.4 million over the period 2011-2014. Following an open tender process in May 2011, a consortium led by international consulting firm McKinsey and Company, were selected to manage the Diabetes Care Project.

The pilot was a cluster randomised controlled trial with two Intervention Groups and a Control Group, where current models of care were tested alongside new care components comprised of:

  • an integrated information platform for general practitioners, allied health professionals and patients;
  • continuous quality improvement processes informed by data-driven feedback;
  • flexible funding, allocated based on patient risk stratification;
  • quality improvement support payments linked with a range of patient population outcomes; and
  • funding for care facilitation, provided by dedicated Care Facilitators.
The evaluation of the Diabetes Care Project found that improved information technology and continuous quality improvement processes were not on their own sufficient to improve health outcomes. However, combining these changes with a new funding model did make a significant difference. The report also found that the funding model used in the pilot was not cost-effective and would need to be further researched and refined.

The findings of the Evaluation Report of the Diabetes Care Project (written by McKinsey and Company) are already being used by the Department of Health to develop policies that will better support chronic disease management in the future. The findings will support primary care researchers and the new Primary Health Networks to develop their own innovative health care approaches.

The findings will also feed into the work of the new Primary Health Care Advisory Group. This group will consider innovative care and funding models, along with better care for people with complex and chronic illness, better recognition and treatment of mental health conditions, and greater connection between primary health care and hospital care.

The report has also been provided to the National Diabetes Strategy Advisory Group, to be considered in the development of the National Diabetes Strategy.

Evaluation Report of the Diabetes Care Project (PDF 1700 KB)
Evaluation Report of the Diabetes Care Project (Word 1722 KB)

To order the Appendices to the Evaluation Report, please email us. They contain:
  1. Results
  2. Predictors of Clinical Success
  3. Analysis of Hospitalisation
  4. Association Between Care Plans and Clinical Outcomes
  5. Cost of Care
  6. Members of the Diabetes Advisory Group