Consultation Regulation Impact Statement and Explanatory Paper – Public Consultation

This page contains information about a public consultation process conducted for the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement and Explanatory paper. The purpose of the consultation was to identify a preferred regulatory framework option to address recommendations from the Third Review of the Scheme.

Page last updated: 10 August 2021

In December 2020, the Gene Technology Ministers’ Meeting (GTMM) endorsed a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement: ‘Modernising and Future-Proofing the National Gene Technology Scheme’ (Consultation RIS) and an Explanatory paper, for public consultation. The Consultation RIS outlines three policy options to implement recommendations from the Third Review (the Review) of the National Gene Technology Scheme.

Stakeholder consultation on these documents took place from 14 December 2020 to 17 March 2021. Over the thirteen-week consultation period, consultation sessions were held with over 200 participants and 52 written submissions were received.

The questions in the Consultation RIS aim to clarify whether the proposed options address the policy problems identified during the Review and also to collect information on the relative costs and benefits of each option. Of the 52 submissions received, 71% support implementing Option B, the Risk-tiering model.

The final decision on a preferred option to implement the Review recommendations will be informed by the submissions received from stakeholders and have been used to develop a Decision Regulation Impact Statement (Decision RIS). This document identifies the option with the greatest net benefit, based on an analysis of the identified costs and benefits.

The Decision RIS was taken into consideration by the GTMM to assist their decision on whether the final recommended option in the RIS should be implemented.

The following submissions were received on the 2021 Consultation RIS and Explanatory Paper, excluding submissions made on a confidential basis.


Submissions lodged through the consultation hub

Submissions emailed direct to the Gene Technology Implementation Inbox: