About the Prostheses List Advisory Committee (PLAC)

The Prostheses List Advisory Committee’s (PLAC) primary role is to make recommendations and provide advice to the Minister for Health.and his or her delegates to enable powers under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 to be exercised to list kinds of prostheses and benefits payable by private health insurers on the Prostheses List. Using evidence, the PLAC makes recommendations on the most clinically and cost effective devices. This ensures that privately insured Australians have access to a range of medical devices that are clinically effective and value for money.

Page last updated: 01 September 2021

The PLAC has an independent Chair and is made up of individuals with expertise in:

  • health technology assessment;
  • specialist surgery/interventional work;
  • health economics, and
  • consumer issues.

The PLAC also includes representatives of the private health insurance industry.

The PLAC’s size and composition is decided in consultation with the Minister. Members are drawn from a wide range of experts and stakeholder advisers. Clinical and technical expert members of the PLAC are appointed by the department in consultation with the Minister.

Committee Membership

Name Role Specialty
Professor Terry Campbell (AM) Chair  
Dr Henry Ko Consumer Representative  
Prof David Morgan OAM Expert Member Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Orso Osti Expert Member Spinal Surgery
Prof Rosemary Korda Expert Member Epidemiology
Prof Bill Heddle Expert Member Cardiology
Prof Allan Glanville Expert Member Thoracic Medicine
Prof Anne Simmons Expert Member Bioengineering
Adj/Prof Jim Butler Expert Member Health Economics
Prof Robyn Ward Expert Member Medical Services Advisory Committee Representative
Prof Abdullah Omari Expert Member Vascular Medicine
Ms Emma Bognar Advisory Member Australian Private Hospitals Association
Ms Cathy Ryan Advisory Member Catholic Health Australia
Dr Jui Tham Advisory Member Members Health
Dr Greg Roger Advisory Member AusBiotech
Ms Gabrielle Moreland Advisory Member Day Hospitals Australia

PLAC Terms of Reference

PDF version: PLAC Terms of Reference (PDF 25 KB)
Word version: PLAC Terms of Reference (Word 30 KB)

PLAC Operational Guidelines

PDF version: Prostheses List Advisory Committee Operational Guidelines (PDF 295 KB)
Word version: Prostheses List Advisory Committee Operational Guidelines (Word 79 KB)

For further information about the PLAC reform work and the previous PLAC meeting communiques, please see the PLAC reform news and communiques page.