PHI 9/18 Hospital Declaration

Page last updated: 05 February 2018

PDF version: PHI 9/18 Hospital Declaration (PDF 42 KB)

The Department of Health has been advised that the following facilities are closed and therefore no longer declared as a hospital under Section 121-5 the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

Noarlunga Private Hospital - 0065830A
Tarietta Day Surgery -0893991T
Berkeley Day Surgery -0043420A
Eastlink Surgical Centre -0043430Y
Pendlebury Clinic Private Hospital - 0027100W
Castle Hill Hospital -0026970A
Sydney Sleep Clinic -0017470H
Gold Coast Surgical Hospital 0056150K
South Perth Endoscopy - 0077070T
Repatriation General Hospital – 0060730A
Cobden District Health Services – 0035210K

For Jamison Street Day Surgery – provider number 0027540T – the postcode (as previously identified) should be 2000, not 2016.

A list of all declared hospitals can be found at: