PHI 52/10

This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains information regarding electronic submission of HCP & PHDB Data to DoHA

Page last updated: 18 August 2010

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18 August 2010

Electronic Submission of HCP & PHDB Data to DoHA

The Department has recently been advised by a private hospital that a vendor had faxed information to them stating that the Department had turned off the portal to submit HCP & PHDB data. This is incorrect.

The preferred method of submission is the HCP Secure Data Transfer website. If you require access to the HCP Secure Data Transfer website, e-mail with your request, and include your name, telephone and fax numbers, and the name of the facility or facilities you will be supplying data for.

Alternatively, hospitals can send PHDB submissions via e-mail to

Submissions too large to be sent via the HCP Secure Data Transfer website or email can still be supplied on CD or DVD via mail to:

PHDB Operations
MDP 503
GPO Box 9848
Canberra ACT 2601

Note that the old postal address (PO Box 852) is no longer operational and posted items will be returned by Australia Post.

As advised in PHI Circular 4/10, submissions received on floppy disks after 1 July 2010 will not be processed or returned and submitters will be advised of the rejection by email.