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This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains Prostheses List information

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13 February 2012

Delay of the February 2012 Prostheses List


To advise stakeholders that the February 2012 Prostheses List (PL) will be delayed by several days due to the finalisation of HTA groups and benefits. The PL will now be released on 17 February 2012 with an effective date of 3 March 2012.


Previously the February 2012 PL was to be published on 14 February 2012 with an effective date of 28 February 2012.

The review of the groups and benefits of products on the PL has been completed and endorsed for the release of the February 2012 PL as scheduled, except for:

Specialist orthopaedic

  • Special purpose tumour products;
  • Biologically active bone substitute products; and
  • All phase 3 specialist orthopaedic products.


  • Ligating clips and staples and tackers; and
  • Infusion pumps and some mesh groupings (polypropylene, composite, absorbable, PTFE/ePTFE).


  • Stent grafts, occlusion devices and long term vascular access devices.
These products will maintain current groups and benefits on the February 2012 PL.

Stakeholders will be consulted regarding regrouping and benefit reviews of these products in the coming weeks.

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