PHI 16/12

This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains information about the Part B of Application Form for Prostheses

Page last updated: 19 April 2013

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20 March 2012

Part B of Application Form


To advise stakeholders that all nine Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) Part B forms of the application form have been updated and are now available for use.


The changes reflected in Part B of the Prostheses List application forms were discussed at the Prostheses List information sessions on 24 and 27 February 2012.

The changes are as a result of the HTA Review implementation – refinement of grouping schemes and development of group benefits.

Note: If you have recently submitted a new application based upon an earlier version of the grouping schemes this will be taken into consideration when your application is assessed.

Changed SOCAG Meeting Date

The next meeting date for the SOCAG has changed. It was to be held on 4 May 2012 however it will now be held on 1 June 2012. Accordingly, the new cut-off date to submit applications for consideration at this meeting will now be 13 April 2012.

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