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This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains information about National Hospital Cost Data Collection for Private and Private Day Hospital Facilities

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29 March 2012

Round 14 (2009-10) and Round 15 (2010-11) National Hospital Cost Data Collection for Private and Private Day Hospital Facilities

In October 2012 responsibility for the National Hospital Cost Data Collection (NHCDC) moved from the Department of Health and Ageing to the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) (including the finalisation of the Round 14 (2009-10) NHCDC results). Unfortunately there was a marked reduction in the number of private hospitals participating in Round 14, and it is therefore not possible to publish a set of results representative of the full sector. On behalf of the IHPA, the Department would like to thank the hospitals that participated in Round 14 of the private sector NHCDC; and recognising the importance of the costing results to the private sector, the IHPA has instigated a series of measures to improve the private Round 15 (2010-11) NHCDC (see below).

There are a number of new initiatives to ensure that the Round 15 results are robust and contain a larger sample of hospitals including:
  • The engagement of a contractor to separately manage the entire Round 15 Private NHCDC;
  • An initial meeting with the peak bodies and representatives of private hospitals that previously participated in the NHCDC to understand any concerns and canvass ideas to improve Round 15;
  • The engagement of a contractor to facilitate a workshop with private sector hospitals in order to finalise the Australian Hospital Patient Costing Standards Version 3.0; and
  • The allocation of IHPA resources to work closely with the contractor to guide the Round 15 process.
The IHPA would like to encourage all private and private day hospital facilities to participate in Round 15 to ensure that a set of robust results can be published.

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