PHI 37/14

This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains information about the Prostheses Amendment Rules

Page last updated: 19 June 2014

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19 June 2014

Prostheses Amendment Rules - Correction to PHI 35/14 Changes to CAG Meeting Dates

Prostheses Amendment Rules

The Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Amendment Rules 2014 No. 2 (the Amendment Rules) were registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments on 18 June 2014.

Private Health Insurance Circular PHI 35/14 provided details of the amendments to the Prostheses List contained in the Amendment Rules.

The Amendment Rules commence on 27 June 2014.

Correction to PHI 35/14

In the table of increased benefits for human tissue implants supplied by NSW Bone Bank, the new benefit for NBB06 is shown as “$3193.00”. The new benefit should read “$3913.00”. This error is only in the circular. The benefit amount is correct in the amendment rules.

Changes to CAG Meeting dates

Dates for the meetings of the Cardiac Prostheses Clinical Advisory Group and one meeting of the Vascular Prostheses Clinical Advisory Group in the second half of 2014 have changed. The new meeting dates and cut-off dates for applications (in brackets) are:

Cardiac CAG

  • 6 September 2014 (2 August 2014)
  • 15 November 2014 (26 September 2014)

Vascular CAG

  • 29 September 2014 (18 August 2014)
  • 10 November 2014 (22 September 2014) - as previously advised
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