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This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains information about the Prostheses List

Page last updated: 23 July 2014

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23 July 2014

Prostheses List - Critical Dates for August 2014 Prostheses List

This circular informs industry about the critical dates for making and publishing the August 2014 Prostheses List.

15 August 2014 - Prostheses List published
7 September 2014 - Prostheses List effective

The final Prostheses List Advisory Committee (PLAC) meeting before the August 2014 Prostheses List is published was held on 23 July 2014. To accommodate checking and legal processing required to make the Prostheses List, the dates for publishing and commencement of the Prostheses List have been pushed back by one week.

The Prostheses secretariat will circulate the draft Prostheses List to sponsors for checking before the minister’s delegate makes the prostheses list rules.

The Minister’s delegate has granted applications and the Prostheses secretariat has asked sponsors to check the listing details of new prostheses over the past few months to reduce the checking workload immediately before the Prostheses List is prepared.

Sponsors should be aware that the next ongoing listing fee imposition day is 15 September 2014. Sponsors will be responsible for paying ongoing listing fees in respect of every prosthesis listed on the Prostheses List on that date. The August 2014 Prostheses List presents the last opportunity to delete billing codes for prostheses that sponsors are no longer selling. Requests to delete billing codes should be forwarded to the Prostheses secretariat as soon as possible.

Any queries regarding the critical dates or the process should be directed to the prostheses email box.

If you require further information please telephone: (02) 6289 9853/24 hr answering machine or email the enquiry to Private Health Insurance Branch.

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