PHI 05/15

This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains information about the Prostheses List

Page last updated: 19 January 2015

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19 January 2015

Critical Dates for February 2015 Prostheses List

This circular provides information for stakeholders about making and publishing the February 2015 Prostheses List.

These dates are correct at the time of publishing this circular, but may change due to unforeseen circumstances.
Deadline for advising registration on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)
30 January 2015

Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Rules (making the Prostheses List) published

25 February 2015

Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Rules effective

18 March 2015
The Prostheses secretariat plans to send a draft Prostheses List to sponsors and suppliers around 3 February 2015 to check the details of listings and advise of any necessary corrections. Responses will be received until 15 February 2015.

Any queries regarding this matter should be directed to Prostheses or the Prostheses hotline on (02) 6289 9463.

If you require further information please telephone: (02) 6289 9853/24 hr answering machine or email the enquiry to Private Health Insurance Branch.

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