PHI 45/15

This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains Prostheses List information

Page last updated: 23 July 2015

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23 July 2015

Prostheses List Management System

The purpose of this circular is to advise stakeholders that development of Phase 1 of the Prostheses List Management System (PLMS) is nearing completion, and to inform sponsors about what they need to do now to prepare for using it.

Phase 1 will provide a portal to enable applications to list new prostheses and to amend current listings to be completed and submitted on-line, and to track the progress of applications.

The process of completing applications will be simpler and faster. There will be fewer forms to complete and questions to answer and the system will feature electronic links to the Prostheses List, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and the Medicare Benefits Schedule to make information easier to find.

Preparing for implementation

All users of the PLMS will need to be authenticated and this will be done by use of an AUSKey. Applicants and suppliers who already do business with Australian Government departments and agencies on-line will probably already have an AUSKey. If you don’t, go to AUSKey to register. The Australian Business Register website should have all the information needed to register.

It is important for all potential users of the system to get an AUSKey to prepare for implementation.

Each sponsor will need to have one or administrators to grant and manage access to PLMS for all users within its organisation. We will provide more information on this later. It would be useful to start thinking about who the administrators need to be in your organisation.

Getting to know the system

After testing in the department and by a group of sponsors and applicants, a training version of the PLMS will be made available on the department’s website to enable all users to familiarise themselves with how it works.

Timing of applications

To allow for the new PLMS to integrate with the current MS-Access database that holds the information about the Prostheses List, we will need to cease accepting applications on the current forms (on paper and electronically) on 14 September 2015.

Change to due dates for applications

Sponsors were previously advised that applications for products in the Specialist Orthopaedic and Vascular categories are due to be received by 18 and 21 September 2015 respectively. We would be grateful if you would ensure that they are received by the secretariat by the close of business on 14 September respectively to ensure that they are processed in time for consideration at the next CAG meetings.

Further information

Further PHI Bulletins will be issued to provide information about the PLMS and when it will be implemented.

If you require further information please telephone: (02) 6289 9853/24 hr answering machine or email the enquiry to Private Health Insurance Branch.

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