Stoma Appliance Scheme - Group 9 Review

Page last updated: 09 April 2015

Purpose of the Review

The Stoma Appliance Scheme (SAS) Group 9 Review is being undertaken by the Department of Health working in conjunction with the Stoma Product Assessment Panel (SPAP) and an expert advisory group. The objective of the Group 9 Review is to assess the clinical appropriateness of Group 9 products, their appropriateness to the SAS and the appropriateness of how they are used by people with stomas.

The review will:
  • examine the products listed under SAS Group 9 and assess their clinical benefits and relevance to people with stomas;
  • investigate the comparative differences between like products – evaluating effectiveness and cost;
  • consider current guidelines/criteria for listing accessory products under SAS Group 9; and
  • review the products in relation to supply, pricing, eligibility and maximum monthly quantities.


The SAS is an Australian Government programme that assists eligible people with stomas to better manage their condition by providing subsidised access to stoma-related products. The Scheme commenced on 1 October 1975 and is legislated under Section 9A of the National Health Act (1953).

In 2009-10 an operational review of the SAS was undertaken. The objective of the Review was to examine the process for listing and pricing products on the SAS, with a view to establishing a new programme framework that supported the Scheme’s future sustainability. Following the completion of the operational review, three key outcomes were implemented to establish the new programme framework, including a new pricing methodology, a new product application and assessment process and the restructuring of the SPAP which assesses products for listing on the Scheme.

In 2012-13 as part of the Budget Measure, Stoma Appliance Scheme - Improved Programme Management and Access to Products, the Government approved reviews of products supplied under the SAS to be undertaken, these include: price premiums, SAS Group 9 and maximum monthly quantities.

Group 9 Review to Date

Economic Analysis

The Department, in conjunction with the SPAP, has undertaken an economic analysis of the cost of stoma products in SAS Group 9. A copy of the economic analysis can be downloaded from the following link:
SAS Group 9 Review - Economic Analysis (PDF 1582 KB)
SAS Group 9 Review - Economic Analysis (Word 26382 KB)

Literature Review

The Department has also commissioned a literature review, undertaken by the University of Tasmania. The literature review involved a review and analysis of existing evidence relating to the use of accessory products by people with stomas. A copy of the literature review can be downloaded from the following link:
SAS Group 9 Review - Literature Review (PDF 1483 KB)
SAS Group 9 Review - Literature Review (Word 389 KB)

Discussion Paper

As part of the public/stakeholder consultation process, the Department invited input and advice from peak bodies, professionals and consumers on Group 9 products. The Department developed a discussion paper in conjunction with the expert advisory group for this purpose. A copy of the discussion paper can be downloaded from the following link:
SAS Group 9 Review - Discussion Paper (PDF 203 KB)
SAS Group 9 Review - Discussion Paper (Word 526 KB)

Public Submissions

The Public submissions process commenced on 7 November 2014 and closed on 5 December 2014. In response to the call for submissions, the Department received a total of 17 submissions from various stakeholders. The Department appreciates the contribution of all individuals and organisations who made a submission. The comments received through the process will be considered by the SPAP and recommendations arising from the Group 9 Review will be provided to the Government for consideration.