Indigenous Chronic Disease Package (ICDP) Sentinel Sites Project

The Sentinel Sites Evaluation measured changes in practice and other early outcomes linked to the ICDP.

Page last updated: 02 April 2015

Menzies School of Health Research undertook the ICDP Sentinel Sites Project from early 2010 to mid-2013.

The Sentinel Sites Evaluation (SSE) provided place-based feedback on the effectiveness of the ICDP implementation from 24 sites across Australia. The SSE identified enablers, barriers and early outcomes of the ICDP.

An important finding of the evaluation is the wide variation in the effective implementation of the ICDP at a local level. A systems approach at the local level, regional and national level was found to be important for developing and optimising service delivery to support the prevention and management of chronic disease. The organisational capability of health services was a key predictor of the success of the ICDP measures.

The report is made up of three sections: the executive summary, main report and appendices.

  • The executive summary reflects the key messages and findings from the SSE.
  • The main report describes the findings over the course of the evaluation in relation to the SSE’s key objectives. The findings for each specific measure area are presented in the order they appear in the ICDP design, followed by a chapter on the findings of the evaluation of the ICDP as a whole.
  • The appendices contain more detailed information on the background, evaluation methods and analysis of the data presented in the main report.

The Sentinel Sites Evaluation - Summary Report explains the findings, messages and policy considerations of the Sentinel Sites Evaluation.

Word version: Summary Report (Word 828 KB)
PDF version: Summary Report (PDF 966 KB)

The Sentinel Sites Evaluation - Final Report of February 2013 provides more detailed information about the findings, messages and policy considerations of the Sentinel Sites Evaluation.

Word version: Final Report (Word 8561 KB)
PDF version: Final Report (PDF 13306 KB)

The Sentinel Sites Evaluation - Appendices includes the program logics as described in the National Framework.

Word version: Final Report—Appendices (Word 6612 KB)
PDF version: Final Report—Appendices (PDF 7997 KB)

The Department's response to the Sentinel Site Evaluation - Interim Report

Word version: Response to the Interim Report (Word 24 KB)
PDF version: Response to the Interim Report (PDF 28 KB)

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