Indigenous Australians’ Health Programme Funding Model

Page last updated: 17 December 2018

The Indigenous Australians’ Health Programme (IAHP) Funding Model was scheduled to be implemented from 1 July 2019 for 115 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) (Group 1) that are funded to provide comprehensive, culturally appropriate primary health care. Given ongoing and new stakeholder concerns, notwithstanding long term and intensive consultation undertaken to date, the Government has decided to:

  • defer implementation for one year, with a new start date of 1 July 2020.

This will enable Funding Model implementation for all eligible IAHP funded services delivering comprehensive primary health care at the same time (1 July 2020) rather than in two separate groups. The decision also allows for:

  • a new approach in 2019 to support ongoing finalisation of the Funding Model between the Government, the Indigenous health sector and related stakeholders;
  • ongoing data quality improvement projects to have a broader effect across the sector to strengthen the quality of the Episodes of Care and Client Number data upon which the Funding Model relies. This will allow Funding Model calculations to be based on two years’ worth of improved data instead of one year;
  • consistency of approach and timing in Funding Model implementation for a greater proportion of IAHP funded organisations; and
  • a Sector Sustainability Strategy (including Medicare Benefits Scheme trajectories) to be further developed prior to the funding model implementation.

What happens immediately?

The current Funding Model Advisory Committee and Working Group have now ceased operations.

A direct non-competitive Approach to Market against Grant Opportunity Guidelines for Primary Health Care will open in late 2018. This means all current services will be approached to submit an application for primary health care funding under the IAHP to receive one year of funding (1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020).

What happens on 1 July 2019?

All relevant services providing primary health care under the IAHP will commence one year funding agreements based on historical primary health care funding amounts plus indexation.

What happens on 1 July 2020?

All relevant services providing primary health care under the IAHP will be funded under a Funding Model.

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