Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Reporting - Health Data Portal

The Health Data Portal is a web based tool that is being used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services funded by the Indigenous Australians’ Health Programme to submit nKPIs, OSR and HCP data.

Page last updated: 28 November 2019

What is the Health Data Portal?

The Health Data Portal, hosted by the Department’s Enterprise Data Warehouse, has been extended to take on an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific reporting role. The Health Data Portal provides a safe and secure tool for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services to submit nKPIs, OSR and HCP data.

The Health Data Portal is compliant with all the relevant Australian Government security standards.

Navigate to the Health Data Portal.

Reporting Periods

Health Services funded under the Indigenous Australians’ Health Programme (IAHP) will be required to provide reporting data via the Portal:

  • Annually in July for the On-line Services Report (OSR).
  • Annually in July for Health Care Provider (HCP) reports; and
  • Six monthly in January and July for national Key Performance Indicators (nKPIs). The next nKPI reporting period commences on 1 January 2020 and finishes on 16 February 2020. That is, the reporting period goes for 6 weeks (not 4 weeks). The reporting period for nKPI, OSR and HCP number data collections are now aligned and open for a six-week period. The Portal has been updated to reflect the new reporting timeframes.

Health Data Portal Contact Details

Contact Email Phone
Health Data Portal Help Desk and Portal Support Team 8.30 am to 5.00* pm (Canberra time) Monday to Friday (excluding ACT and national public holidays) indigenousreporting@health.gov.au 1800 316 387
Data Reporting Policy Support indigenousreporting@health.gov.au
AIHW – Data Quality Support (nKPI) dataquality@aihw.gov.au 1800 723 258
AIHW – Data Quality Support (OSR) osrhelpdesk@aihw.gov.au 1800 443 182

AUSkey: Accessing the Portal

There are a few things health services need to do to access the Portal.

Firstly you will require an AUSkey to access the Portal. An AUSkey is a secure login key attached to one person and one organisation. When you login to the Portal it will automatically search and find the AUSkey software you previously downloaded. The AUSkey tells the Portal who you are and what organisation you are working for. Once this authentication is complete you will access the Portal. A guide on how to register for the Portal is available to support you.

Important Information: AUSkey will be replaced by myGovID as the government’s online authentication solution from the end of March 2020. Transition to myGovID to access the Portal is commencing soon. There are several steps your health service can take now to prepare for the transition. These are outlined below:

  • Keep your health service's ABN details up-to-date; and
  • Ask your AUSkey Administrator to ensure that all AUSkey users in your health service are still correct.

We will continue to keep you updated about the transition from AUSkey to myGovID via the monthly Portal e-newsletter. More information about myGovID is available on the myGovID website.

Newsletters and Resources

Newsletters, AUSKey and Health Data Portal registration help sheet, visual diagram out lining the roles and a health data portal fact sheet are available on the Heath Data Portal – Newsletters and Resources page.