Medical Outreach - Indigenous Chronic Disease Program (MOICDP)

Page last updated: 01 April 2016

Word version: Medical Outreach - Indigenous Chronic Disease Program Service Delivery Standards (Word 330 KB)
PDF version: Medical Outreach - Indigenous Chronic Disease Program Service Delivery Standards (PDF 264 KB)

What it does

The MOICDP provides funding to support a broad range of multi-disciplinary team based health outreach services that focus on the prevention, detection and management of chronic disease (primary and secondary care) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The MOICDP improves access to culturally competent clinical services by addressing a range of financial disincentives experienced by health professionals when providing outreach services for people in rural, remote and some urban areas of Australia.

The MOICDP supports a wide range of health services including those provided by medical specialist, general practice, Aboriginal Health Workers,  allied health workers and other health professionals.

MOICDP can also support:

  • Combinations of eligible services (i.e. multidisciplinary teams);
  • Coordination and administration of these services;
  • Cultural awareness and safety training for participating service providers;
  • Upskilling / training; and
  • Professional support that is associated with outreach services.

Want more info?

The MOICDP funding is managed through jurisdictional fundholders.

NSW: NSW Rural Doctors Network
Phone: 02 8337 8100

NT: Northern Territory Primary Health Network
Phone: 08 8982 1000

Queensland: CheckUp Australia
Phone: 07 3105 8300
Outreach Services: 1800 339 237 (Toll Free)

SA: Rural Doctors Workforce Agency-SA
Phone: 08 8234 8277

Tasmania: Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services 
Phone: 03 6777 2898

Victoria: Rural Workforce Agency Victoria
Phone: 03 9349 7800

WA: Rural Health West
Phone: 08 6389 4500

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