Collaborative Arrangements for Participating Midwives and Nurse Practitioners

Fact Sheet

Page last updated: 03 October 2012

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What is a collaborative arrangement?

A collaborative arrangement is an arrangement between an eligible midwife/eligible nurse practitioner with a medical practitioner that must provide for:
  • consultation with a specified medical practitioner;
  • referral of a patient to a specified medical practitioner; and
  • transfer of the patient’s care to a specified medical practitioner, as clinically relevant, to ensure safe, high quality health care.

How can I demonstrate a collaborative arrangement?

Collaborative arrangement can be demonstrated by:
  1. being employed or engaged by a medical practitioner or an entity that provides medical services; OR
  2. receiving patients on written referral from a medical practitioner; OR
  3. a signed written agreement with a specified medical practitioner/s; OR
  4. an arrangement in the midwife’s or nurse practitioner’s written records.

Who can I have a collaborative arrangement with?

A collaborative arrangement for a participating midwife can be with the following specified medical practitioners:
  • An obstetrician;
  • A medical practitioner who provides obstetric services; or
  • A medical practitioner employed or engaged by a hospital authority and authorised by the hospital authority to participate in a collaborative arrangement.
A collaborative arrangement for a participating nurse practitioner can be with all kinds of medical practitioners.

Where can I find more information about collaborative arrangements?

The legislation regarding collaborative arrangements includes:
  • The National Health (Collaborative arrangements for midwives) Determination 2010,
  • The National Health (Collaborative arrangements for nurse practitioners) Determination 2010, and
  • The Health Insurance Amendment Regulations 2010 (No. 1).
These documents can be found on the Commonwealth of Australia Law website.

Further information on the Medicare items in support of midwife and nurse practitioner services is available from Medicare Australia on 132 150 (for providers) or 132 011 (for patients); by emailing MBS Online; or by telephoning the DoHA helpline on 1300 672 507 or
visit the Health website.