Modified Monash Model

The Modified Monash Model (MMM) is a recently developed geographical classification system, using up-to-date population data, which the Government can use to better address the maldistribution of medical services across Australia.

Page last updated: 12 June 2018

On 24 May 2015, the Modified Monash Model was launched by the then Minister for Rural Health, Senator the Hon Fiona Nash.

With the introduction of the MMM, BMP Scheme participants can now fulfil their RoSP obligations in new eligible geographical locations. BMP Scheme participants were notified of this change in the letter dated 4 June 2015.

As of 1 July 2015, BMP Scheme participants may complete their RoSP in a geographical location defined as MMM 4-7, as identified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (These locations tend to be towns with populations less than 15,000, although there are some exceptions).

Under clause 3 of your Deed you are required to notify the Department as to when and where you will be commencing your RoSP. If you inform the Department that you will be undertaking the RoSP in a MMM 4-7 location, the Department will consider such a communication at the relevant time to be a written acceptance of the Department’s offer to access eligible MMM locations. All other contractual obligations will remain in place, as outlined in your current Deed with the Department.

You can check the MMM classification of a location on the doctorconnect website, which will also inform you of the new Australian Statistical Geographic Standard (ASGS) and the previous ASGC-RA and RRMA classification of that location.

Tenure can be accessed for eligible MMM locations, if applied for in writing prior to obtaining Fellowship. Scaling discounts will continue to be assessed under the ASGC-RA classification structure.