Terms of Reference - National Diabetes Strategy Advisory Group

These are the Terms of Reference for the time limited National Diabetes Strategy Advisory Group.

Page last updated: 04 July 2014


To provide expert policy advice to Government that prioritises the national response to diabetes within the broader context of prevention and primary health care, supporting patients with complex health conditions and the growing burden of chronic disease on our health system.

Role and Objectives

Specifically, the Advisory Group will advise on:
  1. The scale and extent of diabetes in Australia, and key clinical and policy challenges;
  2. Australian diabetes outcomes compared with international evidence;
  3. Gaps in diabetes prevention and care, including service coordination and integration, research and monitoring;
  4. Strategies to:
    1. Improve early identification of diabetes and those at future risk of diabetes;
    2. Enable optimal management of patients by general practice and the primary health care sector;
    3. Improve health literacy and support for patient self-care, including applications to enhance monitoring of an individual's condition;
    4. Ensure timely responses to prevent and manage complications caused by diabetes e.g. kidney and heart health, eye and foot complications;
    5. Focus on those most at risk e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, pregnant women;
  5. Approaches to strengthening the evidence base through research and translation of research into practice, including enhanced use of clinical practice guidelines, standards and pathways.